Are professional property photos really that important

17th March 2016

These days, we all spend a lot of time running about with busy lives. With time short, 97% of house hunters look to the internet to find their new property and as a result, decisions are made quickly as to whether a property warrants further investigation. With this in mind, first impressions are vital. New listings are coming onto the market daily and buyers will move on quickly if your property photos do not show your property at its best.

Photography Equipment

Properly lit, high resolution photos are the only type of photos your agent should use. If your agent produces a smartphone or a small compact camera to take your property photos, it is time to re-think if you have chosen the best person to sell what is probably your biggest asset. An experienced photographer with quality equipment should be a given!

Photoshoot preparation

It is said that Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance and in order to create the best possible first impression, your photoshoot should be planned with your agent. Have your home clean and as decluttered as possible and ‘staged’. At 365 Estate Agents, we will discuss home staging with you prior to your photoshoot to ensure your property is photo ready and our photographer will work with you on the day to move things around if necessary to help present your property as well as possible.

Remember, selling a property is a competition. If other properties coming on the market are being presented with clear, well-lit, professional photos and yours isn’t, your property is at an instant disadvantage from the outset. Never underestimate the importance of a quality, professional photographer. If you want to sell your property and achieve the best price, don’t settle for anything less.