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  • 5 top tips to attract viewers to your property

    Spring is traditionally the time when househunters start the search for their dream home in earnest. New properties are listed daily, with For Sale boards popping up across the country. If you have decided the time is right to put your house on the market, we suggest you consider the 5 top tips ...

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  • Smell your way to a sale!

    You re on the market and you ve viewings booked, it s all getting a bit exciting. It s worth remembering that smell is one of the most emotive senses. It really does contribute to how a person feels about an experience so it s worth making sure that your home wafts out the right keynotes to enco...

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  • Top tips for first time buyers!

    You ve taken the decision that you want to get your foot on the property ladder. Before going any further, we ve made a list of a few things you should consider before you start house hunting: Futureproof your purchase! Have you thought ahead? When you buy, its vital to think ahead and have a r...

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  • Decluttering made easy

    As the leaves start to turn and fall, our minds turn to autumn and the cooler, shorter days and what better time to carry out a de-clutter. Not only a vital task if you are moving, de-cluttering is a great way to ensure your home and the storage space it provides works for you. For some, the tho...

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  • Selling in summer time

    The sun is out (for now anyway!) and the days are long so what better time to sell your property. Whether you re on the market already or you re just coming to the market now, the summer months are an ideal time to make your property shine. Many house hunters are keen to find the property of thei...

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