Smell your way to a sale!

28th February 2020

Smell your way to a sale!

You’re on the market and you’ve viewings booked, it’s all getting a bit exciting.

It’s worth remembering that smell is one of the most emotive senses.  It really does contribute to how a person feels about an experience so it’s worth making sure that your home wafts out the right keynotes to encourage any potential buyers.  Follow our tips to have your home deliver a welcoming fragrance…

Don't be a faker!

Avoid the use of plug-in air fresheners.  These are chemical based and create a ‘fake’ smell, which can make viewers think you are trying to cover up something nasty!

Step away from the aerosol room spray too!  It’s obvious when these have been sprayed and again, are you trying to hide something?

Do be an Aroma Maker!

Go all Nigella and bake some bread!  The aroma of baking bread will waft around and help viewers see your property as a home.

Coffee is another great scent that helps viewers to get that ‘hug’ from a property.  Have ground coffee percolating in the kitchen just before your viewers arrive.

Get bouncing!  Buy some of the tumble dryer sheets and place one or 2 on discrete radiators and have the heating on.  A lovely, fresh aroma will radiate around your property, giving viewers a fragrant welcome.  Wiping fabric softener onto a radiator with kitchen towel has a similar effect.

Fresh flowers are always a good idea and have the added bonus of making rooms look beautiful!

Whatever scents you use to make your home homely, make sure pet litter trays are clean, bins are empty and trainers are locked away!