It's the little things...

24th March 2017

So you’ve decorated, tidied the garden and completed the biggest de-clutter of your life in preparation for selling your home. To ensure all your hard work doesn’t get ruined at the last hurdle, make sure you do a final top to bottom house check prior to any viewings.

First impressions are vital when selling a house and the smallest issue can have a huge effect on a buyer. House hunters are very emotive and when viewing, they want to be able to picture themselves in your home, in your life almost. You are selling the dream, the house, the lifestyle, so details matter! Over the years, we’ve received lots of feedback from viewers about why a particular house wasn’t for them. Layout, outside space, room dimensions are some of the normal reasons a potential buyer doesn’t like a house.   Sometimes it can just be a feeling, but sometimes, it can be the smallest thing and an issue that could have been avoided with a quick pre-viewing sweep!

Prior to any viewing, check for the following:

  1. Are there dishes in the sink?
  2. Have all toilets been flushed?
  3. Is there laundry hanging around drying?
  4. Have the cat litter trays been used?
  5. Are there strong pet or food smells?

It only takes a few minutes but it can make all the difference!