Should you move?

26th January 2015

Now that we are nearing the end of January and the days are starting to get just that little bit longer, many start to think about new beginnings and give thought to a change of scene. Holidays get talked about and booked and in some cases, consideration is given to a more permanent change of environment, that of a new home.

Before putting up a ‘For Sale’ board and thinking about packing up your belongings, it’s a good idea to think about the motives behind your desire to move house to ensure it’s the right thing for you. This is particularly important if a new area/town/ country is involved! Better to ask yourself some questions now to get your really thinking than let the process get seriously underway. You don’t want to have cold feet at the last minute, possibly leaving you out of pocket and causing disappointment to any prospective buyer!

Answer Yes or No to these basic questions to give you a rough idea of where your thinking process is…..

  1. Do you want to move closer to family?
  2. Are you excited by the thought of moving to a new area you have highlighted?
  3. Will the move give you new opportunities to develop as a person?
  4. Are those you will be leaving behind an important part of your life?
  5. Are the schools good for all of your children?
  6. Is housing affordable in the area you wish to move to?
  7. Are better employment opportunities driving your desire to move?
  8. Can you all continue with social activities you currently enjoy?
  9. Do you already have friends / acquaintances in the new area?
  10. Will your partner and / or children be happy and adapt to the change?

Although not an exact science (!) if you answered mostly Yes to the questions above, your move should be a success! Any more than 3 No’s, maybe you should give more thought to those areas before making any decisions regarding moving house.